Mobile management software makes it easier for companies to manage the mobile phones provided to employees. Businesses that have a large sales force or team of mobile technicians often purchase cell phones for this workforce. Enabling workers to stay connected while traveling or at a client site improves productivity. Salespeople can easily contact prospects and clients and techs can get in touch with the home office for necessary supplies and support.

The challenging aspect of this arrangement is the management of these mobile devices. It is easy for costs to get out of hand when workers are located throughout the country and several different cellular service carriers are used. Companies may not be enrolled in the service plan that is most suitable for actual usage. Some find themselves paying overage charges on a regular basis, while others spend unnecessarily for a la carte data use when they could save money by incorporating higher data use into their service plan.

Cloud-based reporting software allows mobile device managers to access cost information from any Internet-connected location. They can view costs by department, cost center, geographic location, and within and across carriers. Detailed and comprehensive data, flexible reporting options, and easy access are features that many users find most attractive. Once device managers have reviewed and analyzed the data, they can make necessary changes to their mobile phone service plans. The software is a tool that saves them time and effort. In the end, it also saves them money.

A company will benefit from using this software when it is experiencing certain challenges with its mobile device management. Increasing costs are a major factor and are usually the most noticeable. When the cell phone bill becomes a major expense, it is time to do something. Some companies manage to keep costs under control but are juggling so many carriers that billing errors frequently go unnoticed. Software and a single contact for all carriers can resolve the issue.

Managing multiple internal groups can become cumbersome. When a single device manager is responsible for multiple company departments, cost centers, and locations that each have more than ten devices, things get complicated. Device management is usually not the primary focus of this person, but the situation leaves little time for anything else. Help is needed to organize these entities and make sure that money is not being wasted on cell phone charges.

These days, data use is even more of a concern than talk time. Smart phones, tethered laptops, and tablet computers make it possible for workers to send and receive large quantities of data on a daily basis. Device management software helps a company identify when it is time to increase the data plan for certain departments, locations, or the entire organization.

Companies have many reasons to begin using software to track their mobile devices. Viewing mobile communication costs in a single place makes it easier to identify where changes are needed. When companies reach the point of needing this software, they should look for a cloud-based solution that features excellent customer support.

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