Graphic design has many different areas. Print design, clothing design, illustrations, web design and motion graphics are just a few. It is generally a good idea to deal with a graphic design company that specializes or at least has a great deal of experience in the specific requirements for your project. For example, an architectural designer might be hard-pressed to turn out a fashion catalog. Sometimes design companies however excel in all areas. But there are certain things to look for.

Design Specialty

Graphic design has varying requirements. Various mediums present differently. Web resolution is not suitable for large print uses. Certain color frequencies have issues in digital presentations. Some designs may not translate well into silk screen or embroidery or other fabric forms.

Many design firms can handle multiple areas of design. But be sure to ask for referral or to view the current portfolio of any prospective design company. You definitely do not want to be the proving ground for any design companyís foray into a new area of expertise.

Design Pertinence

Some designers can be very one-dimensional. This serves some well and fails others if the product is part of a niche market identified by certain design characteristics. For example, MMA products tend to have a more distressed and or tattoo art element in all of their designs. However, if youíre product has a more diverse demographic, you want to make sure that our designer is capable of expanding the horizons of your reach potential.

Design Currency

Speaking of distressed and tattoo art. Often times, popular design trends outlive their welcome. While you do want to stay current with the look and feel of your product, it is also important that you develop a cutting edge to your style as well. If your designer specializes in a certain popular trend, be sure that they are also able to somewhat foresee the direction which design is headed.

Also take some time to shop image trends in your market. You may not be aware of what is on its way out or what is overused. Sometimes when a design company is well-versed in a certain trend, they might oversell its currency and your project will end up dated.

Design Flexibility

It is a great relief to be able to delegate the look and feel of your product or advertisement to someone else. However, you must remember that design is arbitrary, no matter how much of an expert your graphic artist may be. Ultimately, you are responsible for the legacy that your artwork creates.

The look that you choose to disperse into the marketplace will influence your reputation and success. While it is vital that your designer guide you through the process, it is equally important that they relinquish control and allow you to lead the direction of your project should you feel so compelled.

Evaluation and Communication

Graphic design is a complex field. Many design companies offer different departments of design. You may also find that certain companies have limitations that may hinder theirs ability to provide you with the best product. But ultimately, you can have control of the final product by selecting the most qualified design company for your project.

Reviewing their experience in the field of design that is specific to your needs, their ability to match their artwork with your genre, their awareness of current and emerging trends in design and clarifying their willingness to work with you and any of your ideas that may conflict with their personal preferences will help to ensure that you budget is well spent and that the artwork you receive best represents your product or business.

Though there are definitely other issues to consider with your graphics project, these should cover the most important ones. The best way to end up with the design that you want is to prepare well by sketching and providing some examples of work similar to what you would like to see for your project. Communicating well with the design company from the beginning is the best way to avoid any disappointments in the service they provide.

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