When you bought your computer, you were probably very impressed at the speed at which it accomplished tasks. However over the years, your computer seems to be slowing down in performance and you may be baffled at the reason why this is happening. The slowing down of a computer may be due to a number of issues and here is how to make your computer faster.

When you browse the Internet, there are a number of viruses and adware that can enter your computer undetected. These programs are designed to steal personal information from your computer. In order to do so they may need to alter some of the settings of programs installed in your computer and some of the registry settings. This will, in turn, slow down the computer. The removal of such viruses and adware will result in faster speeds for your computer.

The arm of the hard disk is the one that reads information from the hard disk. It has to swing all over the disk in search of information required in order to complete the tasks you are assigning it. If the information is scattered in fragmented files all over the disk, then the computer will have to labor harder to access this information. If the files, however, are contiguous, the computer will not labor hard to access them and this will increase its performance.

The registry is the one that stores crucial information that determines how a specific program will behave. When you uninstall some programs, some redundant entries are left in the registry. This clogs up your registry and the computer has a hard time reading keys that are valid for installed programs. When you clean up the registry, you remove the redundant keys, leaving valid ones and this will improve the computer’s performance. The same case can be said of cleaning up your hard disk space. It will allow the computer to keep track only of valid in formation and improve performance.

When your computer suddenly crashes, or runs out of power, certain errors occur on the disk, and this make it harder for the computer to operate as it should. When you perform a disk error repair, you recover crucial files that may have been altered or damaged by the power outage, or crash. These recovered files allow the computer to perform as it did before.

It is also a good idea to ensure that you uninstall unused programs. These programs take up crucial hard disk space that your computer may need to work better. Some of them run background services that take up some of the computer’s random Access Memory (RAM). This will definitely slow down the computer. Remove such programs. On the same note, it is important that you remove start-up programs that you do not need. These are programs that run automatically, when you switch on your computer. If there are many, the computer starts up slowly, and will perform poorly.

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