By far the most prevalent complaint I hear about in regards to computer problems is the fact they are slowing down, becoming sluggish or stalling. In other words, the computer has gotten to the point where it is slowing down production. We who are operating computers absolutely hate this. We want to click the mouse button and have something happen. When instead we click and the computer just sits there we become very upset. So, the question is can a good registry cleaner take care of this problem for us? In this article, we will examine this question.

You Need the Right Tool for the Job

To get right to the point, cleaning the registry can resolve the problem of the computer that is performing poorly. However, there is something we should be aware of. Cleaning the registry will only get a computer’s performance back to normal if it is registry problems causing the problem. This is true because there are other things that can slow down your computer’s performance. Some of these things are:

· spyware or viruses present in your system

· device drivers that are mismatched or corrupt

· a hard drive badly in need of defragging, or defragmenting or

· even some computer problems

There are not many people who run their computers very long without protecting it against viruses and spyware. If you are one of them, you should seriously consider getting a good spyware/virus cleaner installed on your PC. As well as doing many things that could be an assault to your identity, spyware and viruses could make your computer run very poorly.

Driver Problems

Sometimes, after I’ve checked everything else on a computer and have found no viruses or spyware or registry problems, I find an outdated, mismatched or corrupt driver is causing the computer to behave poorly. When this happens, I use a driver scanner to take care of the problem for me. Driver scanners have become mainstream these days. They’re easy to find and easy to use. Fortunately, it is not too often driver problems cause computer sluggishness when compared to the number of times it ends up being registry corruption behind the slowdown.

Disk Defragmentation

Defragmenting your hard drive can also make your computer perform better. Fortunately, all Windows operating systems come with a disk defragmenter. In Windows Vista it can be found in “start – accessories – systems tools.” Unfortunately, defragmenting a disk takes a long time with the built-in defragmenter. Because of this many people turn to commercial defragmenters which tend to do the job a lot more quickly.

Yes, computer problems or, problems that are not related to the Windows operating system, can cause your computer to slow down. However, this is not usually the case. Gone are the days when adding more RAM to your computer solves all your problems. Usually, slow computers need the assistance of one of the afore mentioned computer tools; namely:

· a good registry cleaner

· a good spyware cleaner or

· a disk defragmenter

Of these three things, it is the registry cleaner you should try first. Most times, from my experience it is corrupt registry files that are slowing down the computer that has lost its edge. Still, you cannot be sure in every case it is the problem behind the unresponsive computer. However, most times registry corruption is the problem that causes a computer to be slow and only a good registry cleaner can fix this type of problem.

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